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TimeSheet.NET - Introduction

TimeSheet is a Time Sheet program to keep track of what you are doing during your working day at the computer automatically. It is aimed at people ...

TimeSheet runs in the background all the time (the installation program installs it in your Startup group, to start automatically when you login to your computer). Every minute, it records the name of the active window in its database, giving you a complete record of what you did all day. The name of the window usually includes the name of the program which is running, and the name of the current document.

By itself, all this raw data would be overwhelming, but TimeSheet has facilities to allocate windows to jobs. Once a window is allocated to a job, TimeSheet accumulates all the time spent in that window, showing the total against the job. You can even accumulate the times for different jobs together, by allocating jobs to other jobs in a tree structure.

Some people find they work with hundreds of similarly-named windows, so TimeSheet provides facilities to recognise windows using partial names, so they are consolidated automatically.

TimeSheet also has facilities to print or export the raw data, or summaries of it, in a format you can define yourself. You can print a summary time sheet suitable for handing to management, or including with your invoices, or you can go into full detail, perhaps exporting all the raw data to a database for analysis.

Version 1.1 offers a new hotkey feature, enabling you to assign windows to jobs with a single key press, and a shift feature which can perform the same changes to every day in the month.

TimeSheet.NET is written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, stores its data in XML, and uses XSLT to present the output in HTML.

TimeSheet is provided as full functioning shareware, with a registration fee of $25.00.

You can buy the program direct from SoftShop, who accept Amex, Diners, Master Card, VISA, Solo, Switch, JCB, Connect, Eurocard, Delta, PayPal, UK cheques and US checks.

U.K and E.E.C. residents will be charged 17.5% Value Added Tax. UK residents may pay in British pounds at the current exchange rate. Euro zone residents may pay in Euros. Many other currencies are also accepted.

Educational bulk discounts available on request. For details contact us

Version History

Introduced new hotkey feature allowing a single key press to copy windows into jobs.
Introduced shift feature which makes the same edit on every day.
Fixed bug where consolidating windows missed out every other one.
Fixed bug which caused crash if TimeSheet left to run overnight, and previous day button was pressed.

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