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Class library for the development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) in OSF/Motif and C++

This library combines the power of the OSF/Motif toolkit with the advantages of the C++ language by means of completely encapsulating the Motif objects (widgets/gadgets). This means there is a C++ class for every Motif object. DiaViews supports the structured, object-oriented development of Motif interfaces. C++ features such as rigorous type checks and virtual functions, etc. enhance the efficiency of the development process.


  • Uniform C++ interface with OSF/Motif
  • Framework for generating reusable UI components
  • Use of callback objects
  • Interface with Dialog Builder, the interactive tool from Siemens Nixdorf for OSF/Motif user interfaces
  • Simple and reliable handling of Motif resources
  • Automatic generation of make- files
  • Minimal training overhead
Price for source license (all platforms): 1200 DM, ~800 US$
Academic or private use license: 300 DM, ~200 US$
(needs Generic++)

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1996-02-28 Licensing : Commercial

  • Email:info@ootec.isar.de
  • Tel:(49) 89 893242-0
  • Postal address:Alexander v. Zitzewitz, OO-Tec GmbH, Muenchener Strasse 45, D-82131 Gauting, W. Germany
  • Fax:(49) 89 893242-31
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