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Tools.h++ - Rogue Wave tools library.

Tools.h++ consists mostly of a large and rich set of concrete classes that are usable in isolation and do not depend on other classes for their implementation or semantics.

Components include Collections, String processing, Time & date handling, File space manager, B-Tree disk retrieval, bit vectors, virtual I/O streams, caching managers, virtual arrays, etc.

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1996-05-22 Licensing : Commercial

    Tools.h++ - Rogue Wave tools library.
  • Email:info@roguewave.com
  • Tel:(503) 754-2311
  • Postal address:Rogue Wave Software, Inc., 1325 NW 9th Street, Corvallis, OR, 97330
  • Fax:(503) 757-6650

Comment from : Jean-Daniel NICOLET on 2011-12-15

Tools.h++ was once one of the best general purpose C++ library available. Its container classes were well-designed, offering template-based as well as non-template based classes. Its string and container classes have nowadays been superceded by the standard library, which offers essentially the same (and even better) features essentially for free. Two things remain interesting with Tools.h++: its persistence mechanisms, coupled with portable streams allowing to transport objects accross platforms, and its associated twin library, DbTools.h++, that was ahead of its time for allowing portable database access with a C++ way of defining SQL-like queries, based on template meta-programming tricks that were totally non popular at that time.

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