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USL C++ Standard Components

Formerly developed and marketed by AT&T Bell Laboratories and UNIX System Laboratories, these are now developed and licensed by SCO.

C++ Standard Components include :

  • Args - argc/argv command line parser.
  • Bits - bit manipulation to arbitrary-length bitstrings.
  • Block - dynamic arrays.
  • Array_alg - efficient algorithms for searching, sorting, inserting etc.
  • Fsm - finite state machines.
  • G2++ - message formatting for inter-process communication.
  • Graph - maintain arbitrary relationships between arbitrary entities.
  • Graph_alg - including searching, cycle and component detection.
  • ipcstream - inter-process streams.
  • List - doubly-linked lists.
  • Map - like arrays, except that the subscripts can be non-integral.
  • Objection - like UNIX software signals.
  • Path - facilities for manipulating UNIX path names and UNIX search paths.
  • Pool - optimise memory allocation.
  • Regex - regular expressions.
  • Set - including Sets, Bags, and pointer sets.
  • Stopwatch - for timing critical sections of code
  • String - variable-length character strings.
  • Strstream - iostreams for Strings.
  • Symbol - efficient symbol table handling & sorting.
  • Time - Time, Duration (time difference) and Place (geographical location).
Also included are the following tools :
  • c++filt - demangles C++ names in standard input.
  • dem - demangles C++ names in an argument list.
  • demangle - demangles C++ names in a.out for easier debugging. fs - a tool and library to help find freestore bugs.
  • g2++comp - compiles G2++ record definitions.
  • hier - displays the inheritance hierarchy in a program.
  • incl - displays the hierarchy of include files used in a program.
  • publik - displays the public interface of a class.

Operating Systems

  • Unix

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1996-05-22 Licensing : Commercial

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