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Commercial libraries (A-N)

MainWin - MFC on Unix (Microsoft Foundation Classes)

Developers can develop on Unix using the MFC library as on the PC. With virtually no change to the source code compared to the PC version (typically less then 1 per 1000) they produce unix version using the MainWin libraries. Most advanced features of MFC are supported like OLE, activeX, WinInet, multithreading, common controls. The look and feel of the application on unix is either Windows or Motif, and can be changed at runtime.

Requires the C++ compiler from the platform vendor.

Current MFC version (as of 11/96): 4.2

Operating Systems

  • SGI Irix
  • Solaris
  • HP UX
  • Dec Unix
  • SCO Open Desktop

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1997-03-19 Licensing : Commercial

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