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NetClasses++ - C++ classes for message passing environments:

NetClasses is a set of C++ class libraries that is organized as an object- oriented software toolkit for distributed, message-passing based programming.

Facilities include :

    Transporting objects over a network. NetClasses can transport: Arbitrary C++ objects derived from PostModern's TransObject class, arbitrary NIH- derived objects, and NetClasses Typed Objects.
  • NetClasses Typed Objects provide an object-oriented data transport in which the structure and organization of objects is specified externally in configurable files using a simple, programming language independent abstract syntax notation, the NetClasses Abstract Syntax Notation (NASN).
  • Remote method invocations (RMI). Using RMI, an application on machine B can invoke a method on machine A. RMI makes fault tolerance and connection management transparent to the application programmer. The RMI layer is built on top of the distributed services package that is described below.
  • Reading and writeing all three varieties of NetClasses-transportable objects on streams using machine-independent external representations.
Prices :
  • NetClasses Development License $1995
  • NetClasses Runtime License $495
  • NetClasses Source Code License $7995 (includes 3 runtime licenses)
  • NetClasses training class $2000
  • NetClasses consulting and porting services (ask for quote)

Operating Systems

  • Sparc

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Commercial

    NetClasses++ - C++ classes for message passing environments:
  • Tel:1-800-245-UNIX
  • Tel:(415) 572-0200
  • Postal address:Qualix Group, 1900 S. Norfolk St. Suite 224, San Mateo, CA 94403
  • Fax:(415) 572-1300
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