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ImageSoft - Object/Engineering C++ class library supporting simulation.

The library provides a natural approach to solving discrete-event simulation problems. Modularity is reinforced by implementing the process objects as concurrent tasks. Support is provided for dynamic systems; transaction operators; transaction messages; as well as queuing network thread with polymorphic scheduler (timer for discrete-event simulation; tracer for simulation run; processes in discrete-event simulation with services delay; conventional/unconditional blocking, pre-emption, etc.; shared queues/links in network with LIFO, FIFO & arbitrary queuing discipline; producing node and source; consuming node and sink; generic queuing network nodes and servers.

And full source code is provided together with extensive documentation, examples and tutorial. There are also an enormous number of other class libraries included with source that are of interest to the scientific and engineering community.

hemant@neonetworks.com reports that all the phone numbers given have been disconnected. Further information welcome!

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1998-07-22 Licensing : Commercial

    ImageSoft - Object/Engineering C++ class library supporting simulation.
  • Email:mcdhup!image!object
  • Tel:(516) 767-2233
  • Postal address:ImageSoft Inc., 2 Haven Avenue, Port Washington, NY 11050
  • Fax:(516) 767-9067
  • BBS:(516) 767-9074
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