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GEMSTONE Object Oriented Database

Briefly, GemStone is a full featured OODBMS with transaction control, multiple users, multiple platforms supported, client server architecture, active objects (ie, behavior can occur in the database as well as in the application using it), multiple language support, etc.

GemStone is actually quite a bit more than just a data repository - it is a full-fledged DBMS that is pure OO. You can access the same database just as easily from C, C++, or SmallTalk, or you can build entire database applications inside the database server, because it is an active server that runs methods written in our DML, OPAL, which is a dialect of SmallTalk. There are also high-level tools to aid application building.

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Commercial

    GEMSTONE Object Oriented Database
  • Email:marcs@slc.com
  • Tel:800-243-9369
  • Tel:(181) 447-0800
  • Tel:510-814-6200
  • Postal address:Servio Corporation, 950 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 110, Alameda CA 94501
  • Postal address:UK Office:, Servio-UK Ltd, Criterion House, Beauchamp Court, Victors Way, Barnet, EN5 5TZ, England
  • Fax:510-814-6227
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