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M++ isn't as well known as the RogueWave math.h++ libraries, but it has been around for many years. It has a number of features that distinguish it from the RogueWave classes, notably improved handling of temporaries.

M++ was explicitly designed to provide the functionality of an array language like Matlab or Gauss and it contains the Linpack, Eispack stuff found in RogueWave's Linpack.h++.

Dyad Software, also sell modules written in M++ for doing statistical work, including linear and nonlinear least squares estimation, as well as optimization, numerical integration, and differential equations.

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Commercial

  • Tel:206-637-9426
  • Postal address:Dyad Software, 6947 Coal Creek Pkwy, Suite 361, Renton, WA 98059-3159
  • Fax:206-637-9428
  • BBS:206-271-9486
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