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Greenleaf ArchiveLib - C/C++ library for data compression/archiving

Greenleaf ArchiveLib provides the developer a set of classes and functions to compress and store ASCII and binary data into an archive for storage, as well as to retrieve and expand the stored data from the archive.

Features include: PKZip 2.0x archive support - insert, extract, delete, list and more 3 compress and decompress engines: PKZip 2.0x compatible Greenleaf engine: lossless, dictionary-based Copy engine as alternative for small files Portable data compression engines are fast and efficient Progress meter & message classes Functions to add, replace, delete, update and retrieve objects of compressed data within the archive

The price is $279 and this includes full source code. There are no royalties when distributed in executable format.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS
  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • OS/2
  • PC Windows


  • Visual C++
  • Borland C++
  • Watcom C++
  • IBM Cset++
  • Symantec C++

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Commercial

    Greenleaf ArchiveLib - C/C++ library for data compression/archiving
  • Email:info@gleaf.com
  • Tel:(214)248-2561
  • Tel:(800)523-9830
  • WWW http://www.gleaf.com/~gleaf.com
  • Postal address:Greenleaf Software, Inc. 16479 Dallas Pkwy. STE 570 Dallas, TX 75248
  • Fax:(214)248-7830
  • BBS:(214)250-3778
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