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ASSET is currently populating a library of reusable components and systems, and documents on software reuse, called the Worldwide Software Reuse Discovery library (WSRD, pronounced "wizard"). Included are assets in numerous languages including C++, C, and Ada.

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1995-01-01 Licensing : Not known

  • Email:info@source.asset.com
  • Email:theeke@source.asset.com
  • Tel:(304) 284-9000
  • Tel:(304) 284-9000
  • WWW http://source.asset.com/
  • Postal address:Supplying products & advertisements: ASSET Attn: Patrick A. Theeke P.O. Box 3305 1350 Earl L. Core Rd. Morgantown, WV 26505
  • Postal address:Obtaining an ASSET account or accessing the WSRD library: ASSET Attn: Account Administrator P.O. Box 3305 1350 Earl L. Core Rd. Morgantown, WV 26505

Comment from : Mat Kramer on 2009-06-08

Looks like the ASSET web site lost its domain.

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