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BRL10 - Binary Relations Library for C/C++

Binary relations are more directly based on semantic concepts rather than on recordlike structures as traditional (relational, hierarchies, networks, object-oriented) models are.

Binary Relations tend to be more functionally complete in their information processing capability, and more precise in their semantic modelling.

The Binary Relations Approach was implemented in Binary Relations Library for C/C++. BRL is not a full featured DBMS. It does not support all ideas of the Binary Relations Approach. BRL is however a small, fast and reliable engine.

BRL provides basic tools for using binary relations in C and C++ programs.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS
  • PC Windows
  • FreeBSD


  • GCC
  • Borland C++

Added : 1996-11-13 Amended: 2008-07-22 Licensing : Non commercial

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