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MenuPlus - Menu class library for Turbo C++ for DOS

The library contains functions that allow the programmer to easily implement custom popup, pulldown, and buttonbar menus. The menus are designed to have the look and feel of familiar menu systems found in many popular applications. MenuPlus provides all screen, keyboard, and mouse functionalilty built in. Simply declare a menu object (menu item names, hotkeys, and handler functions) and MenuPlus does the rest. MenuPlus is designed to be simple to use, yet versatile enough to allow customized look and operations of the menus. (Includes demos illustrating use.)

Registration of $15 grants royalty-free use of the library and also provides registered owner with all source code.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS


  • Borland C++

Added : 1996-11-13 Amended: 1996-11-13 Licensing : Shareware

    MenuPlus - Menu class library for Turbo C++ for DOS
  • Email:jssoft@aol.com
  • Postal address:JS Software,517 Ingram Drive West,Eau Claire, WI 54701
  • Author:Jeffrey Schierenbeck
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