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Thames Calendar Suite - Collection of functions for the modern calendar

This provides a complete collection of functions for the modern calendar.

How many days between dates?, What is 3rd Tuesday of month, How many business days in period?

Short list of features:

  • Comprehensive collection for timeseries, project control, financial markets accountancy;
  • writing dates to text, interpreting dates from text in almost any format;
  • tool kit to define bank holidays, incl Easter in western and eastern churches;
  • conversion between Gregorian Hebrew and Julian calendar.
Inclusive Price around 215 UK pounds ie around 340 US dollars.

C++ code is fully standard - verified by PC-lint [tm] version 7.0

Licence contains normal range of conditions - software may be used in customers own products subject to number of straightforward conditions.

Added : 1996-11-13 Amended: 1996-11-13 Licensing : Commercial

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