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O-Matrix - RAD environment for scientific and engineering applications

Harmonic Software Inc. has released O-Matrix 4, A Complete Analysis and Development Environment for Math, Science, Engineering and Technical Computing. This new version of O-Matrix includes many new features including a Mathlink program for communicating with Mathematica, new analysis functions for statistics, optimization and general mathematics. Performance has been improved even further and data visualization capabilities have been enhanced. For complete details on what has been added, how O-Matrix can improve your productivity, and a free trial version, see our home page

Operating Systems

  • PC Windows

Added : 1997-03-19 Amended: 1998-12-03 Licensing : Copyrighted freeware

    O-Matrix - RAD environment for scientific and engineering applications
  • Email:harmonic@omatrix.com
  • WWW http://www.omatrix.com
  • Tel:1-800-895-4546
  • Tel:1-206-367-8742
  • Postal address:Harmonic Software Inc., PO Box 31537, Seattle, WA 98103
  • Fax:1-206-706-7493
  • Author:Harmonic Software
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