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CDBFile - C++ library to handle dBASE III files

CDBFile is a C++ object-oriented package for programmers who need to manipulate dBASE III files in their programs. It enables you to perform many operations on an existing DBF file: reading/writing to it, accessing its values, sorting the records, adding/deleting records, etc. It comes with full text and postscript documentation, and commented source code. A demonstration program, TestDBF, shows the various possibilities of the CDBFile library, and its source file, testdbf.cpp, demonstrates how to implement CDBFile within a program. CDBFile was designed to be as portable as possible: you should be able to compile it under "as is" any DOS/Windows C++ compiler; porting it to Un*x/Linux should also require little effort.

Since CDBFile is distributed under the GNU Public License for libraries, I hope that programmers will like it and suggest or implement enhance- ments and additional features to that piece of software.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS
  • PC Windows

Added : 1997-03-19 Amended: 1997-03-19 Licensing : GNU copyleft

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