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PTL - Portable Threads Library - C++ interface to POSIX/Sun/DCE threads

PTL is a free library (GNU LGPL license) to ease the port and debug of multithreaded applications.

PTL provides an object interface (C++) to threads and synchronisation abtractions provided by existing threads packages. PTL is tiny (current size is 55K gziped).

Currently supported architectures/machines are:

  • Dec alpha/OSF1 DEC threads. (Native DCE threads)
  • Dec alpha/OSF1 MIT Pthread (Pthread-1.60-b4 from C. Provenzano)
  • Sun Sparc/SunOs4.1.x MIT Pthread (Pthread-1.60-b4 from C. Provenzano)
  • Sun Sparc/SunOs4.1.x LWP threads (Native user level SunOS threads)
  • Sun Sparc/Solaris Pthreads (Native kernel Solaris threads)

Operating Systems

  • Sparc
  • Sun
  • Solaris
  • Dec Alpha
  • Dec OSF/1


  • GCC

Added : 1996-11-13 Amended: 1997-04-10 Licensing : GNU copyleft

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