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MFC Toolkit 2.0 - MFC extensions

The Toolkit product contains MFC extensions that make the programming job easier and improve your product. Examples of this include:
  • a bitmapped button class that generates all required images from a single 16 or 256-color bitmap
  • a class that allows subclassing of windows already subclassed by MFC
  • a fully-customizable docking toolbar that extends customization even to allowing the end-user to edit bitmap images on buttons
  • a class from which you can derive your own docking splitters
  • a simple splitter window with dynamic reorientation horz/vert
  • routines to find a runtime-class structure from its ascii name, check inheritan! ce using ascii names only, etc
These are just a few examples; the toolkit contains more than this, is shipped with an extensive HLP file and full source code, and works with both the 32 and 16-bit versions of MFC.

Operating Systems

  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • PC Windows


  • Visual C++

Added : 1997-03-19 Amended: 1997-03-19 Licensing : Commercial

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