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Undoable C++ Object Library - multi-level undo and transaction rollback

The Undoable C++ Object Library by Notation Software, Inc. supports multiple level undo and transaction rollback.

This C++ library implements an object-oriented approach for reversing transactions at the C++ object level. A transaction consists of a series of three types of operations on objects: creation, modification, and deletion. The reversal (undo) of the transaction is implemented by effectively deleting the originally created objects, restoring the state of the modified objects, and effectively re-creating the deleted objects. References between objects are properly restored. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of implementing multiple level undo in an application, compared to a ! procedural "reverse transaction" approach. Object level undo also supports transaction rollback in other scenarios such as caught C++ exceptions.

The $495 product includes a 100-page tutorial and over 300 pages of documentation in helpfile and printed format. A free demonstration version of the library can be downloaded from the Web site listed below.

Operating Systems

  • PC 32-bit Windows


  • Visual C++

Added : 1997-11-27 Amended: 1997-11-27 Licensing : Commercial

    Undoable C++ Object Library - multi-level undo and transaction rollback
  • Email:info@notation.com
  • Undoable C++ Object Library
  • Tel:(425)688-0793
  • Postal address:Notation Software, Inc., 317-109th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004
  • Fax:(425)688-0795
  • Submitted by:markwa@notation.com
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