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MozillaV4 CGI C++ Library - Web HTML code generation library

This public domain portable C++ library is the basis of a CGI. It contains all external aspects that should be required by a CGI script, from options to hash containers. It provides one minute implementation of hours of work and allows optimal performance and ease of use. Writing a guestbook using this library which can be used by as many people as wanted is a question of minutes! This Mozilla-V3 library is in a state of providing all internal structures to write virtually any kind of html output CGI.

This library was written for an HTML based forum (called aGNeS) that is successfully running for hundreds of users all over the world. It is open for all suggestions and modifications.

Unfortunately, the senders mail to me was truncated, so I do not know where you can get this library. [Later: Andy.Law@bbsrc.ac.uk sent me the URL below.]


  • Visual C++
  • GCC

Added : 1997-12-04 Amended: 1998-07-24 Licensing : Public Domain

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