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Power View Windowing Interface - Source code for Power View Windowing Interface

Power View Windowing Interface is a 32-bit DOS4/GW library designed for 32-bit DOS-hosted applications development. It is 100% Watcom C++ compatible code. Power View is object-oriented, event-driven program. However, in most cases client program doesn't need to be object-oriented and/or event-driven. For most of C++ classes defined and used by Power View there are simple functions to interface with client program. That's why Power View is quite easy to use and learn.

Power View IDE is a DOS-hosted Integrated Development Environment for Watcom C/C++ compiler. You can use the source code of Power View IDE for understanding how does Power View Interface work, and to learn using it for your own applications.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS


  • Watcom C++

Added : 1998-02-24 Amended: 1998-02-24 Licensing : Public Domain

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