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Power View IDE - DOS-hosted IDE for Watcom C++

As WATCOM International Corp. has not included a DOS-hosted IDE in the Watcom C/C++ package, here it is - Power View IDE. Tired of having to load Windows to use the Watcom IDE for DOS applications development? The answer is Power View IDE.

Power View IDE has powerful build-in multi-file programmer's editor. You use dialog boxes to navigate options for the Watcom C/C++ compilers and for the Watcom Linker. The compiler and the linker are executed from inside the IDE, using build-in automatic dependency check for target object files. Power View IDE uses special filter programs to locate produced errors in your source. The source of these filter programs is also included for those who want to write filters for translators other than Watcom C/C++/Assembler/Linker.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS


  • Watcom C++

Added : 1998-02-24 Amended: 1998-02-24 Licensing : Shareware

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