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Blitz++ - Scientific computing in C++

Blitz++ is a C++ class library for scientific computing which provides performance on par with Fortran 77/90. It uses template techniques to achieve high performance. The current versions provide dense arrays and vectors, and small vectors and matrices.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Sparc
  • SGI Irix
  • Sun
  • Cray
  • Solaris
  • HP UX
  • Unix
  • Dec Alpha
  • Dec Ultrix


  • GCC
  • CRI C++ (Cray)
  • HP C++
  • KAI C++

Added : 1998-07-27 Amended: 2012-02-20 Licensing : GNU copyleft

    Blitz++ - Scientific computing in C++
  • Blitz++ Home Page
  • Author:Juergen Mueller
  • Submitted by:tveldhui@extreme.indiana.edu

Comment from : L Russ on 2012-02-17

It looks like the home page listing on your site for Blitz++ may be incorrect. It's possible that this is the home page now, http://www.oonumerics.org/blitz/

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