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CXT - C source code analysis

CXT (C Exploration Tools) consists of CFT (C Function Tree Generator) and CST (C Structure Tree Generator). They analyse C source code of applications, no matter how big or complex, and are useful to explore unknown software and to support software reuse and maintenance. By pre- processing, scanning and analyzing the source code, these programs build an internal representation of the function call hierarchy (CFT) and of the data structure (CST) relations. Several features and options allow the user to customize the generated hierarchy tree chart output and to get a large set of useful information about the source code. The results can be stored in a database and recalled later. The recall utility can be integrated into editors like BRIEF or MicroEMACS (DOS, Windows) and provides a hypertext-like feeling for function locating. The output calltree can be generated as HTML- and as RTF-file (Windows Help).

CXT is part of the SXT Software Exploration Tools which provide similar source code analysis features for C (CXT), DBASE (DXT), FORTRAN (FXT), JAVA (JXT) and LISP (LXT).

Added : 1998-07-27 Amended: 1998-07-27 Licensing : Shareware

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