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OptiVec - Vectorized functions library for Borland C/C++

OptiVec contains more than 3000 hand-optimized, Assembler-written functions for all floating-point and integer data types, running, on the average, 2-3 times faster than compiled C/C++ code of the same functionality.

The following fields are covered:

  1. Vectorized form of all arithmetic operators and math functions of C/C++
  2. Statistics
  3. Analysis (derivatives, integrals, extrema, interpolation)
  4. Fast Fourier Transform techniques for efficient convolutions, correlation analyses, spectral filtering, etc.
  5. Curve fitting for a wide range of model functions from simple linear regression to non-linear models with multiple data sets
  6. Graphical representation of data in Cartesian coordinates
  7. Matrix operations, e.g.: multiplication, inversion, LU decomposition, singular value decomposition, two-dimensional FFT, eigenvalues
  8. Complex number math
The vectorized implementation in Assembler ensures not only superior speed; in many instances, the numerical accuracy is improved as well.

Operating Systems

  • PC 32-bit Windows


  • Visual C++
  • Borland C++

Added : 1998-07-27 Amended: 2008-11-04 Licensing : Shareware

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