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CGAL - Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

CGAL - the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library - is a C++ software library of geometric data structures and algorithms. The CGAL library contains:
  • Basic geometric primitives such as points, vectors, lines, predicates such as for relative positions of points, and operations such as intersections and distance calculation.
  • A collection of standard data structures and geometric algorithms, such as convex hull, (Delaunay) triangulation, planar map, polyhedron, smallest enclosing circle, and multidimensional query structures.
  • Interfaces to other packages, e.g. for visualisation, and I/O, and other support facilities.
More functionality is being developed, and will be incorporated in successive releases.

The product is also available commercially.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • SGI Irix
  • Solaris


  • Visual C++
  • GCC
  • SGI CC
  • Borland C++
  • KAI C++

Added : 1998-12-03 Amended: 2001-10-25 Licensing : Education

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