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Visual Programming Armoury - Visual Programming Armoury for C++ and Java

Visual Programming Armoury is an IDE for C++ and Java. It implements a concept of multidimensional desktop. The ergonomics of VPA helps you maintain large projects. There are 3 frameworks: C++, Persistence Smith and Java. All of them are compiler-independent structured processors of source code. C++ framework includes a designer of event-driven composite GUI and a resource editor. Persistence Smith framework is built upon the object-relational layer which allows you to interact with business objects instead of going directly to RDBMS. An extended semantics of C++ provides full-featured capability to program a back-end's logic: queries and updates are issued against the object model instead of the storage one. Diagrams of persistent class helps you design applied object model. Thus a system that uses relational database is engineered in terms of object-oriented methodology. All of your code is completely portable between variety of database products. The set of class libraries formalize GUI up to high-level primitives which query, retrieve, navigate, edit data, aid input, do printing job. Java framework supports class diagrams and reverse engineering of source code.

Added : 1998-12-03 Amended: 1999-06-09 Licensing : Freeware

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