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libCON - C++ Game Programming Library

This is an easy-to-use C++ API for creating games, graphics, and sounds. It is built over DirectX 6.0 and is meant to run in Windows 95/98 using 16-bit display modes. The library supplies a multi-level API to these resources: keyboard, mouse, joystick, and the screen as a 2D drawing surface and a target for 3D rendering. This library comes as a packaged DLL, so you don't need to have the DirectX SDK at all, but rather only the runtime components.

Changes: New features including AVI, mp3, fog, dynamic textures, dynamic 3D lights.

Operating Systems

  • PC 32-bit Windows


  • Visual C++

Added : 1999-07-21 Amended: 2000-08-09 Licensing : Non commercial

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