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General complex matrix library for C++

This library contains about 90 functions ranging from summation and multiplication to Jacobi transforms and LUP algorithms for a general complex matrix class in c++... Roots of polynoms, operator overloads, discrete fourier transforms, vectors, scalars, GaussJordan algorithm with partial pivoting, elementary row operations, inverse, determinants using partial LUP factorizing, similarity transforms, eigenvalues (LR algorithm on hessenberg matrices), eigenvectors using itertations or Jacobi transforms, reductions to echelon or hessenberg forms, various matrix type checks (hermitian/diagonal/orthogonal etc.), fast data access if no inheritance etc. etc.

Operating Systems

  • PC DOS
  • PC Windows


  • Visual C++
  • Borland C++
  • Zortech C++

Added : 1999-08-10 Amended: 1999-08-10 Licensing : Education

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