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VXCL - The Virtual X Class Library

The Virtual X Class Library, or VXCL for short, is a non-commercial open source collection of powerful C++ classes that encapsulate the complexities of Windows and Linux/UNIX C and C++ development. All classes are designed to use the C++ language effectively and efficiently, with minimal overhead added to the application being developed. Code size and execution speed for applications built using VXCL are inline with programs built using standard C code. There are no bloated multi-megabyte DLL's or shared libraries that must be distributed with applications using VXCL, as the code is normally (but not required to be) statically linked with the application.

From April 1996 until March 2001, VXCL was known as VWCL, the Virtual Windows Class Library. In the beginning, VWCL was intended primarily for Windows development, but support for Linux/UNIX was added in 1999. Today, what was VWCL, is used daily for development of non-Windows applications as well as Windows programs. To better express the capabilities of the library, and to atract more development input from the UNIX community, we decided to rename the library to more appropriately describe the features it can provide. By dropping the 'Windows' in favor of X, we leave open the opportunity to develop the library on (and for) platform X, which can be anything. The X does not mean X Windows. It is simply a generic term (variable X) which can be whatever you want it to be.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • Unix


  • Visual C++
  • GCC
  • Borland C++
  • egcs

Added : 2000-05-03 Amended: 2001-07-03 Licensing : Open Source

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