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GiNaC - Symbolic computation embedded in C++

GiNaC is an iterated and recursive acronym for GiNaC is Not a CAS, with CAS standing for Computer Algebra System. It is designed to allow the creation of integrated systems that embed symbolic manipulations together with more established areas of compute r science (like computation- intense numeric applications, graphical interfaces, etc.) under one roof. It is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU general public license GPL.

It implements a class hierarchy with the basic classes needed to create symbolic expressions, including abritrary length/precision numbers (drawing from the CLN library). The classes provide basic symbolic manipulations as well as memory management through reference counting, disk-I/O, etc. Using the Cint C/C++ interpreter it is even possible to use it in an interactive manner.

It is written in standard C++ and should compile on any compliant compiler. Since it has to be linked with CLN, however, it is somewhat tricky (but not impossible) to do so on other compilers than GCC.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Unix
  • Irix


  • GCC

Added : 2001-01-31 Amended: 2001-01-31 Licensing : GNU copyleft

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