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Shift-Right Open Repository - C++ Class Library and Reusable Build Environment

The Shift-Right Open Repository is a complete development environment for C/C++ programmers. The main focus of the Repository is on reusable code. Another characteristic of the Repository is that the majority of the code was developed for embedded software development. And as such, was designed to meet the constrained environment of embedded programming. The most obvious characteristics are the obsession with deterministic memory management and strict type checking.

The C++ library contains a large range of functionality and interfaces such as: threading, inter-thread communications, streamio, socketio, parsing, multi-threaded database support, strings, containers, etc. The Repository also contains reusable build environment

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • Unix
  • eCos


  • Visual C++
  • GCC

Added : 2002-03-08 Amended: 2002-03-08 Licensing : Copyrighted freeware

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