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Weblet Application Server - Weblet Platform - Application Server for C/C++

A high performance C++ development environment offering:
  • Dynamic resource generation
  • Weblet Server Pages - Template based dynamic resource generation
  • Resource level Callback handling
  • Data Streaming, Event Publishing, and Server Push
This package includes:
  • Weblet and Weblet Server Pages libraries
  • Weblet and Weblet Server Pages engines
  • WSP Bean Library
  • WSP Bean Viewer
  • Open source Webserver (based on Apache1.3) Ideal environment for C/C++ legacy systems to Web scenarios.

    Ideal tool to develop and deploy high performance Web applications.

    It supports Data Streaming and Publish Subscribe applications.

    It is offered as a solution package.

    The url for this package (www.webletworks.com seems to have been taken over by someone else. If anyone knows where the library can be found, please let me know.

    Operating Systems

    • Linux
    • IBM AIX
    • Solaris


    • GCC

    Added : 2002-05-23 Amended: 2008-12-19 Licensing : Not known

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