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macstl - Modern generic programming for SIMD and the Mac

The C++ header library designed to bring the Macintosh into the world of modern generic programming.

Generic programming is the art -- some say, the black art -- of making software components super-reusable and yet ultra-efficient. Our tool is the C++ template, and our result is code nearly as fast as hand-coded machine language.

macstl was inspired by the premier generic library, the Standard Template Library (now part of the C++ Standard Library), but with a distinct Macintosh flavor. Many components let you use low-level Mac OS X functionality like SIMD acceleration and memory copy-on-write easily and intuitively.

Although macstl started on the Mac, it now has a cross-platform look. Over 14,000 source lines of code compile cleanly on different C++ compilers. The SIMD classes work seamlessly on PowerPC’s running Mac OS X and Pentium’s running Windows XP.

macstl provides these sets of classes:

  • valarray -- numeric arrays highly optimized for SIMD architectures like Altivec and MMX/SSE/SSE2/SSE3.
  • vec -- a portable, extensible SIMD toolkit with intuitive, fast functions; the trig functions and integer division can’t be beat so far...
  • mach -- allocator and partially specialized vector for fast OS-level copy-on-write.
  • core -- adapting Core Foundation and Foundation classes for STL.
  • com -- interface pointer and a fast, lightweight server implementation for Microsoft COM and Apple CFPlugIns.
  • mmapping -- treating files as STL containers.

The library is open-source and free when derived code is reciprocated; for others, licensing is $99 (Personal) or $499 (Corporate).

Operating Systems

  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • Mac


  • GCC
  • MetroWerks CodeWarrior
  • Visual C++ .NET

Added : 2003-07-23 Amended: 2005-02-08 Licensing : Copyright (other)

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