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libpropc++ - Add properties to C++ (widget.color = "red";)

  • variable like syntax for accessing properties;
  • only two lines to create a property (having get/set functions);
  • aimed to implement binding properties (http://ex-code.com/articles/binding-properties.html);
  • documented.

Template library for properties in C++ (like this: widget.color = "red"; to change widget color).

class Widget { 
  Color get_color(); 
  void  set_color(Color value); 
  prop::Property<Widget, Color, 
                 &Widget::set_color, &Widget::get_color> 

Optionally uses libsigc++ to notify about property value changes.

It will support binding several properties together to change accordingly each other.

Article: Binding Properties of Objects

Operating Systems

  • Platform-independent


  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2004-08-31 Amended: 2004-08-31 Licensing : GNU copyleft

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