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Attempts at providing the functionality described in Chapter 26 of the draft C++ standard. None of the releases stick perfectly to the specifications of the proposed standard. Version 2.0 is a very deliberate step away from the draft as released in April 1995 for public comments in the USA: it is used as a proof of concept to support a revision of the original specs.

Some characteristics:

  • heavy usage of templates and their automatic instantiation;
  • avoidance of temporary arrays in array expressions;
  • production of fast compact loops, but some overhead before entering those loops.

Operating Systems

  • Sun
  • Cray
  • PC


  • Sun CC
  • CRI C++ (Cray)
  • IBM xlC
  • Apogee CC
  • Borland C++

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 1996-05-22 Licensing : Non commercial

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