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Pantheios - The C++ Logging Sweetspot

Pantheios offers all the following features in one simple, portable, easy-to-use library:
  • Atomicity - all parts of a statement are emitted (or not) to the back-end transports in a single action.
  • Efficiency - the length of each element in a statement is determined at most once; the contents of each element in a statement is copied at most once; memory is allocated for the prepared statement at most once (and even then only if the total statement length exceeds 2047 characters).
  • Extensibility - the back-end transport can be customised by the user to any conceivable transport, should the stock back-ends prove insufficient for a particular need. The distribution includes transports over the following:
    • SysLog
    • - both UNIX and Windows
    • COM Error Object
    • Adaptive Communications Environment (ACE) Logger
    • Windows Debugger
    • Windows Event Log
    • stdout/stderr
  • Filtered - statements are filtered based on a 32-bit severity level, incorporating, but not limited to, the standard eight levels described by SysLog
  • Genericity - log statement elements may be of arbitrary type. Support for a large number of known types is implicit because Pantheios uses the STLSoft libraries. Extension to new/custom types is achievable by several different techniques, which one selects as appropriate.
  • 100% type-safety - Use of Pantheios from C++ is 100% type-safe (unlike the unsafe printf()-family, or the IOStreams).
But above all else Pantheios adheres to the important principle of C programming that:
  • You don't pay for what you don't use. If a statement at a given severity level is not to be emitted, no conversions, no concatenations, no memory allocation nor any other expensive operations are carried out.
The library is portable, and has been used on UNIX (Linux) and Win32 operating systems. There should be no impediment to it working on any platform, or flavour thereof

The library is compatible with a large range of C++ compilers. It even compiles with Visual C++ v5.0!


  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2006-09-04 Amended: 2006-09-11 Licensing : Open Source

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