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PATL - Practical Algorithm Template Library - C++ library on PATRICIA trie

Major features: STL-compatible, high-performance template containers and auxiliary classes useful for stringology with fine-grained low level design.

Library features:

  • set & map containers with trie (digital/radix search tree) functionality - patl::trie_set & patl::trie_map;
  • set & map containers with online suffix tree functionality - patl::suffix_set & patl::suffix_map - with linear time & space: 16 bytes per symbol, alphabet-independent;
  • bunch of iterators over each type of containers - standard ([const_][reverse_]iterator), special ((post|pre|level)order_iterator), partial match iterators ([const_]partimator) and suffix_cont-special (match_iterator & [super_]maxrep_iterator);
  • partimator's can be specialized with one of the decision functors: partial_match (filter strings with joker pattern), hamming distance (filter strings with Hamming automata), levenshtein_[tp_|ms_]distance (filter strings with Levenshtein automata with optional operations like transposition or merge-split);
  • lowest common ancestor (LCA) requests with constant time after linear time & space postprocessing of the suffix_cont - patl::lca_oracle.
All features of this library can be examined with small demo programs delivered within.

Operating Systems

  • All platforms that support ANSI C++ and PThreads


  • Visual C++
  • GCC
  • CygWin
  • Intel C++
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Visual C++ .NET

Added : 2008-08-25 Amended: 2008-08-25

    PATL - Practical Algorithm Template Library - C++ library on PATRICIA trie
  • SVN repository
  • Submitted by:Roman Klyujkov
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