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png++ - a C++ wrapper for libpng

PNG++ aims to provide simple yet powerful C++ interface to libpng, the PNG reference implementation library. PNG++ is free software distributed under a modified variant of BSD license. Using raw libpng in C++ may impose serious challenge since lots of precautions must be taken to handle initialization/deinitialization of control structures as well as handling errors correctly. With png++ you can read or write PNG images just in a single line of C++ code: png::image< png::rgb_pixel > image("input.png"); image.write("output.png");

Operating Systems

  • Platform-independent


  • GCC
  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2008-11-06 Amended: 2008-11-06 Licensing : BSD style

    png++ - a C++ wrapper for libpng
  • Project page
  • Submitted by:Alexander Shulgin
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