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Armadillo - Armadillo linear algebra (matrix) library

The Armadillo C++ Library aims to provide an efficient base for linear algebra operations (matrix and vector maths), while at the same time having a straightforward and easy to use interface. To keep it relatively lean, it does not aim to provide a boilerplate of functionality, such as GNU Octave. Its intended target audience is scientists and engineers. A delayed evaluation approach is employed (during compile time) in order to combine several operations into one and reduce (or eliminate) the need for temporaries. Where applicable, the order of operations is optimised. Delayed evaluation and optimisation are achieved through recursive templates and template meta-programming.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Unix
  • Mac
  • FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD, Darwin


  • GCC
  • CygWin
  • Any Unix C++ compiler
  • Intel C++

Added : 2008-12-09 Amended: 2009-09-15 Licensing : GNU copyleft

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