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just::thread C++0x thread library - A complete implementation of the thread library from the upcoming C++0x standard

just::thread is an implementation of the multithreading-related portions of the standard library from the upcoming C++0x standard. The library includes the following features:
  • Tight adherence to the C++0x working draft.
  • std::thread class for launching and managing threads.
  • Mutex classes (std::mutex, std::timed_mutex, etc.) for protecting shared data.
  • Condition variables (std::condition_variable and std::condition_variable_any) for synchronizing operations.
  • Atomic types (std::atomic_int, std::atomic_long, etc.) for low level atomic access.
  • Futures and promises (std::unique_future, std::promise, etc.) for communicating data between threads.
  • Optimized implementation to minimize dynamic memory allocation and copying of supplied functions and arguments.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2008 for 32-bit Windows targets.
  • Support for std::tr1::ref from Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 for passing references to a thread function.
  • Special debug mode for identifying the call chain leading to a deadlock.

Operating Systems

  • PC 32-bit Windows


  • Visual C++

Added : 2009-03-02 Amended: 2009-03-02

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