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XmlPlus xsd2cpp - C++ Data Binding for W3C XML Schema

XmlPlus xsd2cpp provides "simple to use" C++ data-bindings for XML-Schema. The xsd2cpp binary when invoked on a XML-Schema file, generates:
  • the C++ sources/headers for the supplied XML-Schema
  • a main.cpp template, to demonstrate how generated sources can be consumed
  • the automake/autoconf files for building the generated source
The generated C++ sources serves for:
  • C++ data-binding for XML-schema
  • C++ validating-parser/writer for xml-files constrained by the supplied XML-schema
Currently Supported Platforms(OS):
  • Linux : Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat and other flavours of Linux
  • Mac OS X
Currently Supported Encodings:
  • UTF-8
  • ISO-8859-1

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac


  • GCC

Added : 2010-10-29 Amended: 2010-10-29 Licensing : Open Source

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