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RapidXml - RapidXml is an attempt to create the fastest XML parser possible.

RapidXml is an attempt to create the fastest XML DOM parser possible, while retaining useability, portability and reasonable W3C compatibility. It is an in-situ parser written in C++, with parsing speed approaching that of strlen() function executed on the same data.

Entire parser is contained in a single header file, so no building or linking is neccesary. To use it you just need to copy rapidxml.hpp file to a convenient place (such as your project directory), and include it where needed. You may also want to use printing functions contained in header rapidxml_print.hpp.

Operating Systems

  • All platforms that support ANSI C++ and PThreads


  • Compiler independent

Added : 2010-11-09 Amended: 2010-11-09 Licensing : Boost

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