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STXXL - Standard Template Library for Extra Large Data Sets

The core of STXXL is an implementation of the C++ standard template library STL for external memory (out-of-core) computations, i.e., STXXL implements containers and algorithms that can process huge volumes of data that only fit on disks. While the closeness to the STL supports ease of use and compatibility with existing applications, another design priority is high performance.

The key features of STXXL are:

  • Transparent support of parallel disks. The library provides implementations of basic parallel disk algorithms. STXXL is the only external memory algorithm library supporting parallel disks.
  • The library is able to handle problems of very large size (tested to up to dozens of terabytes).
  • Improved utilization of computer resources. STXXL implementations of external memory algorithms and data structures benefit from overlapping of I/O and computation.
  • Small constant factors in I/O volume. A unique library feature called "pipelining" can save more than half the number of I/Os in many applications.
  • Shorter development times due to well known STL-compatible interfaces for external memory algorithms and data structures.
  • STL algorithms can be directly applied to STXXL containers; moreover, the I/O complexity of the algorithms remains optimal in most of the cases.

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • PC 32-bit Windows
  • Mac
  • FreeBSD


  • Visual C++
  • GCC

Added : 2010-11-16 Amended: 2010-11-16 Licensing : Boost

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