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pystring - Python string methods with std::string

Pystring is a collection of C++ functions which match the interface and behavior of pythonís string class methods using std::string. Implemented in C++, it does not require or make use of a python interpreter. It provides convenience and familiarity for common string operations not included in the standard C++ library. Itís also useful in environments where both C++ and python are used.

Overlapping functionality (such as index and slice/substr) of std::string is included to match python interfaces.

Originally developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Operating Systems

  • could run on any OS, but not tested


  • could be compiled, but not tested

Added : 2010-11-16 Amended: 2010-11-16 Licensing : BSD style

    pystring - Python string methods with std::string
  • Project home page
  • Submitted by:Domenic Laritz
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