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WebApp / CGI++ - A powerful library for the development of Web applications.

WebApp / CGI++ is a powerful library for the development of web applications, with the fundamental notion of separation of programming logic and graphical display.

It works as CGI (or FastCGI) programs, but it works nothing like "classical" CGI programming, where the programs contain all the HTML (or the no-much-better approach of things like PHP, where the HTML contains the program).

A variety of related tools are included, with particular emphasis on security (including wrappers for OpenSSL cryptographic primitives such as hashes, public-key encryption, and symmetric encryption).

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • All platforms that support ANSI C++ and PThreads


  • GCC
  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2011-08-04 Amended: 2011-08-04 Licensing : BSD style

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