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mimetic - a full featured MIME library written in C++


  • Very easy to use

    This was, from the beginning, one of the objectives of mimetic.
    If you know the MIME standard you'll rarely need online documentation.

  • Full featured

    Everything you expect to find in a MIME library is already into mimetic, if you'll not find it is because your requirements are probably insane :) Oh well cryptography is not in the library yet, but it will some day.

  • Standard compliant

    mimetic tries to follow current standards as closely as possible.

  • STL based

    This could be a very big advantage if you know the STL and want to integrate mimetic into your STL based project. You'll have same powerful concepts and classes fully applicable to emails. If you don't know the STL so this is a good opportunity to learn it! A very good reference (yet freely readable) is the Dinkum C++ Library Reference.

  • Compile-time codec chains

    Codec chains are template based so that codecs are chained together by the compiler using inline functions whenever possible to speed up runtime performance.
    Creating a codec chain will sound very familiar if you know Unix pipes:

    codec0 | codec1 | codec2 | ... | last_codec

  • Portable

    The developer personally tested it on Linux, {Open,Free,Net}BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X. It uses Autotools to compile so porting on any Unix system should be easy.

    Windows port has been done by Andreas Gruen but it's no loger maintained. You can get last release of Visual Studio project files into mimetic/win32 directory.

    If those are not enough please consider using Unix-style compiling on Windows using Cygwin or MinGW.

  • More then 50 test functions, more then 2500 checks

    cutee has been used for Unit Testing and there are a lot of tests the run automatically every time someone compiles mimetic. This doesn't mean that it's bug free but it helps.

  • Open source

    Source code of the library, tests and examples are bundled into the distribution package. All except codec code (that is heavily template based) is very readable so if Documentation is not good enough for you sources can be your primary reference.

  • HTML documentation

    Library documentation is generated from source code by Doxygen. You can browse it online of generate yourself for offline browsing.

Operating Systems

  • could run on any OS, but not tested


  • Any standard C++ compiler

Added : 2011-09-26 Amended: 2011-09-26 Licensing : MIT

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