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molbio++ - A C++ library for molecular biosequence analysis

Major features include:
  • classes and services for reading and writing sequence data in the following formats:
    • Genbank Flatfile
    • EMBL / SwissProt
    • GCG / Wisconsin
    • Fasta / Pearson
    • PIR
    • NCBI Retrieve Server (read-only)
  • limited parsing of fields and features in biosequence files
  • storing amino acid or nucleic acid sequences
  • iterating over a biosequence
  • calculating and storing counts or frequencies of amino acids or nucleotides
  • device-independent graphics, via GCG's FIGURE program
  • translating nucleotide sequences into proteins using the universal genetic code or modifications thereof.
  • parsing BLAST output
  • calculating pI and molecular weight of proteins
  • amino acid hydropathy values of Kyte & Doolittle

Added : 1995-01-01 Amended: 2008-07-29 Licensing : Not known

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