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dbstreams - database interface library modelled on std::iostreams

dbstreams is C++ class library modelled on std::iostreams in the C++ standard library. It treats a database connection as a source or sink for data. The basic operations are the same as for iostreams: open, close, read, and write (but not seek). State information similarly borrows from std::ios: a stream has a state word with enumerated values: goodbit, badbit, failbit, eofbit. And the notation is largely the same, with operator<< and operator>> serving the purpose of sending data to and reading data from the database. In general, the design mimics iostreams, permitting the same kind of terse, economical code.

Operating Systems

  • Any after making small changes...


  • Any Unix C++ compiler

Added : 2012-02-05 Amended: 2012-02-05 Licensing : BSD style

    dbstreams - database interface library modelled on std::iostreams
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  • Submitted by:James K. Lowden
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