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Botan - crypto library for C++

Botan is a BSD-licensed crypto library for C++. It provides applications with most any cryptographic algorithm you might be looking for, along with Transport Layer Security (TLS), X.509 certificates and CRLs, a pipeline-style message processing system, and a wide variety of other features. A third party open source implementation of SSHv2 that uses botan is also available. In addition to C++ you can use botan from Python or Node.js or Perl, though the current bindings only wrap portions of the library.

Operating Systems

  • Cross platform, should work on any.


  • Any after making small changes...

Added : 2012-07-25 Amended: 2012-07-25 Licensing : BSD style

    Botan - crypto library for C++
  • Website
  • Submitted by:Domenic
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